Solution Evolution Guide: Attendee Hub - Discover

Step 1: Discover

Power up and take training.

Watch and learn.

Sign up for the CrowdCompass Migration Webinar to better understand what to expect during this process.

Depending on the products you use, you'll be assigned one of the two learning plans. 

If you have Standalone Attendee Hub, you’ll be registered for the “Attendee Hub without Registration” plan. 

If you have both Cvent registration and Cvent Attendee Hub, you’ll be registered for the “Attendee Hub Onboarding” plan.

Remember, Attendee Hub lives within New Standard Registration (Flex). Need a refresher on Flex? Start here.

We build on your existing CrowdCompass knowledge. 
While the process of building your Event App has been transformed, almost everything you know about the overall layout from CrowdCompass remains true. Bottom menu items like Home, Schedule, Profile, and More are still an integral part of the app. There’s very similar content included in these menus, we just took the information displayed to the next level.

Get a grasp on available resources.

Read articles from the Knowledge Base.

You’re likely already familiar with our Knowledge Base, our hub of helpful articles, how-to guides, and step-by-step walkthroughs. Below are just a few to help get you started and you can use the search bar to find more along the way.

Engage in the Cvent Community.

Open Forum: Engage in peer-to-peer discussions with other Cvent users.
Product News page: Keep up with the latest releases and noteworthy news.
Ideas page: Submit product enhancement ideas as you work more with Attendee Hub.

Determine which events you're moving.

Identify which event needs an app.

Review your existing Flex templates/events to see where it makes sense to use Attendee Hub. In this phase, it’s all about discovering which unique events allow you to leverage the Attendee Website and App Builder.

Fun fact: Approximately 90% of all Cvent registration events are created via copy. If you’re copying a past Flex event and want to use Attendee Hub, make sure you check the box to enable the Attendee Website and App within event configuration. Just like any other feature, almost all data customizations in Attendee Hub menus can be copied across events moving forward.

We're here to help you.

Always remember you have the option to consult with your Cvent account team for guidance on what makes the most sense for your organization, as well as our 24/7 Customer Care team (866 318-4357, Option 1 for Event, then Option 2 for Attendee Hub).
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