Solution Evolution Guide: Attendee Hub - Plan

Step 2: Plan

Determine your players - who's impacted? 

It’s important to think through who is impacted by this change. You may be flying solo and your transition timeline is determined solely by you. Or maybe you have a handful of users and you’ll be working together through the transition.

If you have a large group of users that require a structured project plan and enterprise-wide communications, reach out to your account team at Cvent to help determine the best go forward plan for your organization.

Determine your plan - how to prioritize. 

In Discover, you identified the event apps to move to Attendee Hub. Now prioritize which events you’ll move first, based on either launch date or feature availability. You could organize based on timeline of your events or the features it takes to build them – whatever makes the most sense for your unique organization. We recommend you work with your Cvent account team to identify which events would be best to prioritize

  • Starting by launch date. Do you have an event coming up soon that already has a Flex registration site launched? It might make the most sense to start here.
  • Starting by feature availability. If you have events that don’t require too many interactive features, get started with those! Then, they’ll be ready to go for future copying.

Analyze your process.

Take time to analyze or identify room for improvement within your app builds. You’ve taken trainings, you know your timelines, and you looked at your old events – now it’s time to think, “What can we improve as we make the move to Attendee Hub?”

Reimagine your events in Attendee Hub. It’s more than “lift and shift”, but rather a great time to revisit old events or templates that you typically would just copy year over year and learn about how you can optimize them.

Your team at Cvent is here to help.

Always remember you have the option to consult with your Cvent account team on how your organization should approach this, and always keep our 24/7 customer support team in mind for questions along the way.

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