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ICYMI: February 2023 Wrap Up - Twenty-Four Product Ideas Delivered

By Community Manager posted 03-13-2023 09:00

By Daniel Marotta
Senior Manager
Cvent Community Team

Welcome back to the In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) series; highlighting popular posts and the community members that posed challenging questions or submitted great product ideas.

Have a look at what February 2023 brought.


Printable personalized agenda with locations that is longer than one page. Asked by @Jill Campbell
Group transaction receipt for whole group on one receipt Asked by @Becky Bachman 
Manually sending email to specific contact lists Asked by @Jen Harris 
Large event registration Asked by @Cameron Warburton 

Visit any of the above threads to learn best practices and add your personal experience to continue with the conversation. Start a new discussion in the Open Forum and hopefully we feature your post next month!

Poll Results

44% of Community members are looking forward to engaging with the latest event tech
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Delivered Product Ideas

#AttendeeHub  Agenda filters in Virtual Attendee Hub. Submitted by @Gaby Kotlyar
Attendee Hub Custom cards linking to custom pages. Submitted by @Holger Marggraf 
Attendee Hub Move switch event button in Event App. Submitted by @Gaby Kotlyar  
Attendee Hub Agenda custom filters. Submitted by @Katie Desrosiers
#EventManagement   Multi-language weblinks. Submitted by @Leah Mensinga 
Event Management Guest registration import. Submitted by @Lindsey Davis
Event Management Exclude country field in address widgets. Submitted by @Julia Shellhouse 
Event Management Be able to add sub-questions to custom contact fields. Submitted by @Rebecca Bryden 
Event Management Give us back anchor links.  Submitted by @Eileen Freund 
#Integrations Orders to be available in API / Invoice details to be available in API. Submitted by @Mila Stavreva 
Event Management Import registrants to sessions and/or session groups. Submitted by @Julia Kinkaid
Event Management Re-enter email address. Submitted by @Jessica Ausmus 
Event Management Searchable custom contact field. Submitted by @Beline Falzon 
Event Management Hide admission item widget with more than one admission item. Submitted by @Kelly Ohlet
Event Management Visibility settings for contact fields. Submitted by @Becky Roberts 
Event Management Visibility settings for text and registration type widgets. Submitted by @Alyssa Schlicher 
Event Management Re-size images within an image widget. Submitted by @Mary McCaron
Event Management Ability to remove country field from address. Submitted by @Barbara Willis
Event Management Anchor links. Submitted by @Andrew Merrell 
Event Management Sub questions with sub questions. Submitted by @Rebecca Stoehr 
Event Management Switch registration type in bulk. Submitted by @Paula Alvarez
Event Management Adding text with sub question type logic. Submitted by @Kelly Ohlet
#VenueSourcingPlanners  PA dashboard/hub. Submitted by @Keegan St. Jean 
Venue Sourcing - Planners Transportation vendors by city. Submitted by @Wade Derby

Thank you to our product idea submitters for voicing what is important to you, the community at-large who voted up the ideas and improving Cvent technology for users and event attendees. Continue to submit your product ideas and cast your upvotes.

And thank you to all members that contributed to February’s wrap-up! In case you missed January's wrap, check it out.

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts. To be notified about monthly wraps up like this one, subscribe to #Blog or #MonthlyWrap


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03-14-2023 14:54

Re: Exclude country field in address widgets -- happened to just test that out, and the Country field still looks required to me...