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ICYMI May 2024 Wrap Up - AI to Emerge to Deliver Personalized Event Experiences

By Community Manager posted 06-21-2024 12:04

May 2023 Monthly Wrap-up

Welcome back for the May 2024 edition of In Case You Missed It, our monthly retrospective look at all the amazing happenings in Cvent Community brought to you by the Cvent Community Team. We'll cover discussion highlights, event trends, new product features, the incredible members who made them possible, and updates from the peeps here at Cvent. 

Here are the popular posts for May 2024.

Discussions w/Best Answers

Track RSVP Prior to Event Opening asked by @Michele Runge
Only People on List Can Register asked by @Aviva Davis
Meeting Request Form Approvals asked by @Paul Byron Wheatley
Agenda Widget and Multiple Speakers asked by @Kim Abbott | Best Answer provided by @Lauren Becker

Visit any of the above threads to learn creative solutions to common, and sometimes not-so-commons, product challenges. Add to the solution if you have an alternative workflow.

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Poll Results

2024 AI emerging trend to personalize event experiences

An overwhelming majority of community members believe AI will emerge and deliver personalized event experiences this year.

Participate in our weekly poll and we'll display the results in next month's wrap up.

Member Spotlight

@Leigh Geraghty, Senior Salesforce Admin at the National Investment Center, was our community member of the month! Check out their story, career accomplishments, and how they became successful using Cvent products. Network with them by adding them as a contact.

Delivered Ideas

The following product ideas are no available as an in-product feature.

Auto-apply Exhibitor Task submitted by @Krysten Bennett
Exhibitor Tasks submitted by @Tori Martinez
Ability to Add Widgets and HTML Coding submitted by @Autumn Skousen

Congratulations on your idea becoming a reality! Tell us in the comments below how these product enhancements will accelerate your events builds or help you be more productive and efficient in managing events.

Notable Mentions

Event Management Features You Should Be Taking Advantage of for Your Next Event - Tips and recommended features to address common event management challenges such as last-minute changes, inefficient check-in processes, low survey response rates, and more. 

How to Manage Multi-Language Events - The importance of accessibility and inclusivity in event planning, particularly in catering to a global audience.

Tips for Your Sourcing Toolkit: Creating an RFP and Finding the Perfect Venue - The benefits of using the Cvent Supplier Network to connect event planners with venues around the world.

What to Consider When Selecting a Venue for an Event - The critical importance of location when planning events.

Thanks to all members who contributed to May's wrap-up and for elevating everyone's knowledge on how to best use Cvent tech. Comment below if you came across a tip that helped you out, and drop a link to it. Cheers!

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Daniel Marotta
Senior Manager
Cvent Community Team