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ICYMI January 2024 Wrap Up - Event Planners Have 10+ Years of Industry Experience

By Community Manager posted 02-20-2024 08:00

May 2023 Monthly Wrap-up

Welcome back for the January 2024 edition of In Case You Missed It, our monthly and annual retrospective look at all the amazing happenings in Cvent Community brought to you by the Cvent Community Team. We'll cover discussion highlights, event trends, new product features, the incredible members that made them possible, and updates from the peeps here at Cvent. 

Here are the popular posts for January 2024.

Discussions w/Best Answers

How to get a report of donations asked by @Tamara Lamenzo 
Notification for sourcing in progress and assigned sourcing agent asked by @Mary Trent
Prices / Fees card/ Display future price changes asked by @Torbjorn Vinje
Can sessions use the same live stream? asked by @Jamie Walker
Cancelled registrations do not show up in the reports asked by @John Marinuzzi and answered by @Kim Scannell
Changing the first screen you see when you login? asked by @Sam Bowtell
Registration on behalf of asked by @Shannon Boland
Creating a report asked by @Karina Sandoval
Font color when copy/pasting text asked by @Michele Runge
How do Registration Paths work when Registration Type changes? asked by @Joshua Kumin
How to change the hotel widget field for rewards code? asked by @Natalie Longchamp
Data Tag for the Current Year asked by @Baylee DeVos and answered by @James Rose

@Tori Martinez , at-mentioning you here because you were all over these answers! >_<

Visit any of the above threads to learn creative solutions to common, and sometimes not-so-commons, product challenges. Add to the conversation to provide your perspective.

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Poll Results

Pie chart breakdown of years of experience in the event management industry

65% of community members have 10+ years of event management experience. This community is packed with seasoned event professionals with unique perspectives and tons of institutional knowledge!

Thanks to all members that contributed to January's wrap up and for elevating everyone's knowledge on how to best user Cvent tech. Comment below if you came across a tip that helped you out and drop a link to it. Cheers!